Hey I was wondering since my computer can only have 2GB at the max and I have 2 slots for RAM. Would I be able to have 1GB in slot and 512MB in the other slot? Or would I have to have 1GB in each slot for my computer to be able to use it? Also I am using a Dell Laptop and this site here http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/viewscanbyid.aspx?id=4E0F8DA231D926C3 says that is the RAM I need for my laptop. Has anyone used this site to buy RAM from before? And if you have used the site, was it a good site? Because I don't want a website that will rip me off and not give me what I bought.

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Crucial are well known and their scanner is very good. There are cheaper sites out there but they don't provide as good a service as Crucial on the whole.


You can have unbalanced RAM but the performance will be less than having it balanced.

However, 1.5GB performance unbalanced will be usually be better than 1GB balanced.

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