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hi guys,

i need antivirus which doesnt waste memory and cpu threads so much.

i have tried
avast pro : says every file contain virus/trojan
nod32 pro : doesnt not scan inside zip-rar files,
symantech antivirus corporate server : scan files catch viruses and trojans well but not good with spyware which makes me crazy
kaspersky : keeps asking for permission for everything... ( the programm wanna change registery, do u allow or not?? what its original file located in windows...)
frisk(f-prot) : no comment.. totaly sh.......
mcafee : worse than the others

these are all totaly s....

any suggestion ??

McAfee is not worse than the others.

Kaspersky is fine if you turn of the bits you don't want and just leave the spyware and virus checking on.

You want something effective and IMHO these two are the best and on my systems, consume next to nothing in resources.

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i will try to turn off...

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AVG free?? thanks i tried it...

i ll prefer to restore my windows everyday :)

Avast! is one of the finer free anti-virus softwares I've used, and I havent had the problem you've mentioned. You should give it another shot, try getting the updated version.

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maybe u havent had.... i have had those problems.
it deleted my files without asking. as kaspersky does.
no quarantine options.

the GUI of avast iis not nice...

I'd back jbennet on AVG. I use it as a secondary method for finding trojans and on systems where McAfee isn't loaded. It's better than McAfee at deleting Trojans that McAfee found but xouldn't.

i use AVG for viruses and its had a good record for me. Works well on systems with not a huge amount of RAM and is easy to use.

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is avg free?? i checked its website and there is no free option... if u mean trial, i dont wanna see around active me buttons.

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i m trying avg pro now.

You can try other antivirus software such as Comodo Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials or Panda Cloud antivirus.

Comodo Internet security (antivirus + firewall) is a popular efficient security suite which can be combined with Malwarebytes to ensure the complete protection of the operating system.