Is the Windows firewall necessary if my interent connection comes through my cable modem, then through my DLink router? Doesn't the router act as a firewall? also, I've had connectivity issues across my home network when the Windows firewall is activated.


I dont think you'll need a software firewall as your dlink router will have a built in firewall in it.

Some have, some dont.
I still recommend the use of a software firewall. But definitely not the M$ Firewall.
If u are looking for some reasonable products i would suggest either Sygate or Kerio Personal Firewall

Thanks for your input guys... I do believe the Dlink router has a built in firewall. As for the 3rd party firewall software mentioned... does it, like MS firewall, interfere with network file sharing when it is turned on?

depends on if you set it up right. Same is true for the Windows Firewall.
all i can say is that i never ran into problems with neither Kerio nor Sygate in regards to Fileshring across a network.