after i turn on my computer, and it starts up and then freezes. it has given me a stop error code ox0000000A. i have also ran a memory diagnostic tool and hard drive diagnostic tool, both passed.

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i used the hitachi's dft for hard dive test, and microsofts memory diagnostic tool. also the computer runs fine in safe mode. I have also done the complete reinstall of the operating system.

Okay, so try boot in safe mode and make another account and see if that boots?

It seems that there is an issue with the drivers for the hardware you have installed, my advice would be is to remove the less important hardware peice by peice.

i have not made any hardware changes to the computer at all since i bought it. also the drivers intalled are from the toshiba recovery cd.

and the computer does boot, it even goes to the desktop and stays on for like a minute and then restarts

i did make another account in the safe mode. this time i was surfing for like a few hours but then again, the computer froze. so when i restarted it would freeze again at the desktop

try to upgrade the drivers first, if it not works then make sure your cpu is not heating too much like 100c(if its amd like 120c), if this is not works to ill be here again

sounds like something is busy going, how old is you Rig?
Remove all you're components one by one, witpe off with a clean lint free cloth and put them back. Sounds like a failing sound or graphics card to me.

toshiba recovery cd.

That means it's most likely to be a laptop. Most laptop hardware cannot be removed.

Oops, didn't think bout that, then probably better to Upgrade to a new Mashine and let the old one be, unless you do a stip down and remove and refit the CPU, might still work.

temperature is about 30C

its 4 years old

Actually this sounds very much like a RAM issue. Either that or a malware problem.

My suggestion would be to download malwarebytes and some RAM diagnostics tool. I understand this may be a little difficult as you can't easily use the Laptop in question but try creating a new user account again.

The later suggestion, Malware, will mean that it is a System virus and the chances are it's not going to be easy to remove.

if it was a system virus, wouldnt removing and reinstalling the operating system take care of that

and there should i download malwarebytes and ram diagnosing toobar. i have already tried the microsoft memory diagnostic tool and checked out fine

i already checked with the malwarebytes software, there is no malware, and i ran the memory diagnostic. they both checked out fine.

it just gave me another error code 0x000000D1, and this time when i restarted the computer it only went till the windows logo screen and then keeps on restarting over. it does not even let me go to the safe mode.

Hmmm, okay then lets think more on the hardware side. When your computer starts up hit either one of the F buttons or the delete key. This will take you too the BIOS settings. There should be some area for you to monitor your hardware.

What we are looking for is low voltages from the PSU, a drop at any time by as little as 0.4v on the 12v will cause your system to shut down.

after i turn on my computer, and it starts up and then freezes. it has given me a stop error code ox0000000A. i have also ran a memory diagnostic tool and hard drive diagnostic tool, both passed.

Try This...........
* Transfer ur Memory card to Slot 2 then start PC...or else try another memory (new) card..
* Try another HDD IDE connector if u'r using IDE (not SATA)
* Check the HDD power connector, it is oftentimes the culprit
sometimes the Red (5volts) or the Yellow (12volts) is loose.. use the spare HDD power connector of your power supply...

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