I've been working around computers for what seems like ages now..and I've never seen this kind'a problem before: the other night I shut off my computer and called it a night, the next morning I turned it on, only to find out that 'almost' everything had been restored to factory settings. Yeah yeah..I know that anything and everything about computing is not an exact science (yet), but this was new to me!! So if theres any one out there that has encountered something like this before ..please let me know if you have a solution!!! Thnx and much appreciated!!

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ahhh...never said working ON them...i said with them....and there are still alot...ALOT of things i dont know...!!! playing games..surfing...what else...hmmm...installing hardware/software...and still learning!! but i thank you for your patience in advance..lol!!!


yes ..i scanned...took the better part of an hour...!! all i got was scan finished.!! nothing about errors or choices to make..!! just finished!!

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