win98 recognises new hardware (usb stick) but I still cant see the drive.
where can i get USB drivers for my memory stick?


It should have come with drivers for Win98; if it didn't, does the manual tell you where to download them from? If you go to the manufacturers website, you can probably find them there.

Go to driverguide or do a google for...

(or just DiskOnKey)

It is 1.4megs and will fix the problem

98 does NOT have drivers and most memory sticks were made long after 98 so the manufacturers do not provide drivers.

This will take care of the problem...

the BASE MP3 player/memory has a driver disk which installed the driver, but Win 98 on IBM Aptiva cannot recognised the installed drivers.

Can you help?

download the usb driver to the net,, a lot of usb driver their for win98...

USB's don't actually work with Windows 98.

Who is the USB manufactuer? if it is a Sandisk Cruzer with the model no.SDCZ36-008G
(That is my USB model no) then their are no drivers for it for Windows 98. (I've tried looking)


Perhaps you can copy the Windows ME USB drivers to your C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder and tell windows to look for the drivers there instead?


If it's that dead of a subject, why did you even look and respond to the thread update?

I posted it for others who come by looking for an answer.

Enough said.


I'm hoping people are still reading this post - I need a USB stick driver that will fit on a floppy disk. The ones I'm finding are over 2mb. I'm trying to get access to an old machine that currently only has a floppy drive and I need to recover large files off it!

Why dont you remove the hard drive from this older system? It is most likely a parallel ATA Drive (PATA). Then just get a hold of a USB to ATA connector (about $20.00 in a computer store), then plug the USB/hard drive connector into your computer so you can access all of the files.

Otherwise, you can plug a NIC into this old computer if it doesnt have one. Connect it to your network, or if you do not have a network at home, a cross-over cable betwen this computer and another computer you have access to will do.