I am trying to re-install win xp pro and the cd key on the yellow lable that came with the disk will not work. When I get to the screen that asks for the cd key i enter it but It is not accepted. Have not called MS yet but if Iam not doing anything wrong here I will have get in line and hold for an answer from Redmond!

It can only be one of three things...

1. You are typing it in wrong... Doubtful

2. The Key is not the same one that came with that CD
(There are different CD's )

3. There are reminants of an old system on the PC...
(Did you Fdisc then format or just trying to do a reinstall?)

Just the re-install with a quick format during the setup

never use quick format u will regret it and by the way call ms to get new key from them on free phone

I'm in agreement with Thong_Inspector on this one. Are you sure you're using the right Windows CD key? The only time I've ever gotten that error is when I'm using the wrong key for the OS I'm installing (ie, Windows 98 CD key for Windows 98 SE won't work).

never use quick format u will regret it and by the way call ms to get new key from them on free phone

Why will he regret quick format? I just about always use it, and rarely have problems. If you're simply reinstalling, it's a convenient way to wipe out the contents of the drive and reinstall.

I just had to Call MS to re-activate XP-Pro and Office 2003 (yet another self-induced crash!). I have never had to wait longer than a few minutes, as it seems they have moved most of their phone centers ooverseas. Quick and painless.

OK I am going to call MS and get a new key Thanks for all the help! It has got me on the right track. I have never had a problem with quick format but have read that it is not always a good idea

if you eye site is line mine watch out for those B s' that look like 8 s'

Agree with caperjack.

Write down the CD key code, and underneath write down codes using any and all combinations of codes which would eventuate from a mistaken character. These could include

8 and B
0 and O
6 and G

amongst others.

Try all possible combinations before giving up ;)

How can I find my lost cd code for microsoft works program?