I have a DSL 504G (4 port switch and router/ADSL Modem) connected to 2 PCs at home. they both run winxp sp2, and accessing the internet is fine on both. just about everything is possible, EXCEPT playing 2 games which i enjoy very much: warcraft 3 and starcraft. everything else seems to work just fine. when i'm playing these games, i can access the game servers, see the people online at the moment, and even connect to the game, but as soon as i'm in the game, i get disconnected and booted back to the channel chat room. i figure this is a NAT problem with my router, so i type in the ip address (default and go to change the settings. HOWEVER, i cant access anything in the menus apart from the setup wizard that comes with the software, and a few other basic functions, like help, status, and one setting in tools, called DMZ. i'm aware this is a setting i need to change in order to make NAT work properly, but when i change it to my IP address on the LAN (which is and disable NAT, i can no longer even connect to the channels on these games, or access the internet, or even do a simple ping to a website. im not entirely sure, but i think it is a problem with the software on the router/modem, and i desperately need some help. i've got the latest firmware for the DSL-504G as at 09/04/05 (dont ask me what it is), and the problem still persists. this is a brand new modem, no idea what has caused this.
any help greatly appreciated.

Hi ,I think you question might get more attention the networking fourm ,

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