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Just a couple of questions regarding enhancing windows XP performance;What in your opinion would be the optimal setting of Virtual Memory for 256RAM to speed things up? I have recently used a Registry Cleaner Programme to clean it up a little but I was curious as to whether or not this will harm the system in any way?I have noticed no differance yet but when I bring the "Add Remove Programmes" from the Control Panel a few of the programmes no longer dispaly their File Size.Is this normal?Thanks and I hope someone can help.


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Start --> control panel --> system --> advanced --> performance --> settings --> advanced --> virtual memory --> change

click custom size and enter a sensible amout (256 inital, 512 max etc)

Registry editors will not help in any way at all. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that they would!


Thanks for the info.Am I right in saying that by manipulating the Registry files or even deleting the wrong ones by accident will affect how the computer works though? Thanks.


If you are asking if deleting the wrong regsitry entry can effect your system, the answer is YES. Be careful if you are not experienced in editing the registry, or back up the registry before you make any changes.


I prefer to set initial and max to the same amount(~1.5 to 2 times the ram) so there is no resizing. If you could swing another stick of 256MB ram you'll be rockin' :D


Most registry cleaners will display a list of registry files that are suspicious or infected/adware etc (generally nasty :P). Simply go down the lists and click the ones with names you are sure are not anything to do with windows or legit software you use (however, many adware apps disguise themselves by naming the registry something like "windows-update". It is best to leave these as some adware is better than a broken Windows!).

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