Hi, like the title says, I have a problem with XP and setting up a wireless network. I do know how to do set it up, but I just run into a problem......let me tell you my story....once upon a time.....I set up a wireless network with printer sharing at a friend's house. Eventually, he got something in his computer and whenever it was turn on, it will turn itself off. He got someone else to fix it, how? I don't know...I'm not that knowledge...this friend installed remote desktop and then tried to set the wireless network again. For some reason, this computer could not find the respective network. After that, my friend gave me a call to see if I could set it up....Now, I did the usual, go and do the hole network wizard with the computer connected to the wireless router. Then, i did the other one, but through the wireless wizard, but for some reason, the second computer could not find the other computer. It can connect to the interweb with no problems. I can't see anything that I might be missing. I even went and did the wireless wizard on both computers, but nothing.


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Ok so let's get this straight before I or anyone else attempts to provide you with a possible solution. You have a single wireless router, and you are trying to set up a wireless network, and share a printer on this wireless network between two (2) windows XP computers. Do you have internet that you want to share on the network (Cable, Dsl, T1 etc...)? Does the printer have a built in wireless card?

This is the hardware set up and a few other things:
1. Wireless Router connected to Computer 01 by Ethernet cable
2. Printer, without wireless card, connected to Computer 01 by USB
3. Wireless Router connected to Computer 02 by USB wireless card in Computer 02
4. Both computers have access to the internet
5. Neither computer can detect each other
6. I cannot add Computer 02 to the network to share printer and documents.

Any ideas???.....Thanks

Have you tried enabling file and printer sharing? Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right click Local Area Connection > Properties. Make sure File and Printer Sharing is checked. If the entry does not exist, add it by clicking Install below.

yes, file and printer shring is setup in computer 01, i have to check on comuter 02, but can you not set up file and printer sharing when you run the wireless wizard too?

Computer 01 has printer and file sharing and computer 02 does not have that setup. I probably will not be able to try it until later on this week when I go to my friend's house. But what is the logic behind enabling printer and file sharing on both computers, if none of them can see each other? I would think that before doing that, i will have to connect both computers, but that is because that how I have always done it.

Thanks for everything, but i found out that the software used by the wireless adapter is no longer compatible with windows xp. The answer was in front of my face, I just was to lazy to read the warning message that was directing to a Microsoft article that had this information

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