Hello Everyone
I cannot login to hotmail using IE 6. When I do white back ground
comes up thats it. I can login from another machine and works fine.
I tried the the login cleanup posted and it didn't help. I tried registering
a series of dlls somebody posted here and that didn't help either.

Any help greatly appreciated.


I had the same problem logging into hotmail when using IE and everything works great with firefox. Does anyone know why?

I had the same problem from my laptop with both IE and Mozilla. Try installing DRTCP021 (google it to find it) -- it solved all my probs and now am able to log back and see every page.

Hope that is helpful to u.

you can try going in an deleteing all the MSN, and hotmail coocies, or better yet just delete all of your cookies using the delete cookies button in the IE proterties. I woudl also go and delete all the files in your temp internet folder.

to get there.
Open Internet exploerer.
choose tools from the tool bar
choose internet options
click delete cookies
click delete files

the try connecting again.

Of Course another way to fix it is to download the newest release of Firefox for free, and surf safely....

Your ISP may have blocked Hotmail. Or Hotmail may have blocked your ISP.

Both are usually caused by spoof/spammers using one of the ISP addresses as a phake return address.

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