I have a 303gb partition using NTFS (under WinXP), and it had 1.02gb free. I went to delete a 75gb folder, and upon its deletion, explorer still reported that I had 1.02gb free.

Ran a diskcheck, let it fix errors, and now I have three folders (Found.000...Found.002) on the drive. When I go to open, delete, or even move them, I get the error "The Directory Name Is Invalid".

Anyone have any suggestions what to do? I have no idea how to search this on google even...

eerrr... uummmm...............

Those figures correct there? A 300 GIGABYTE partition? :eek:

If that's correct, despite theoretical limitations, I'm sure you're way beyond what Windows will efficiently handle, and you're certainly beyond what a Windows disk scan can handle accurately.

I'd suggest you repartition that thing. Why on earth do you need a partition that big?

NTFS can handle way more then 300gb. I need a solution that does not require reformatting....

I take it your recycle bin is all cleared out? System restore points?

Yes. 75gb wouldn't go to the Recycle Bin anyways - I did a Shift-Delete. :-(

Well, I figured it out :-). It was the Norton Protection on the Recycle Bin. It grabbed my 75gb of files, and a quick purge fixed it.