Hey there,

I am trying to setup a Site-to-Site VPN between my home and my co-located server in LA as well as a second colo server in Denver. I am running Verizon (home) FIOS, from what I have read in the past is that Verizon residential FIOS blocks some ports for proper VPN use.

Before I get two far let me explain my current setup.

At home I have a Windows 2003 server running Routing & Remote Access. From the Verizon router I DMZ'd the server.
In LA and Denver I am also running Windows 2003 with Routing & Remote Access.

From home I am able to setup a Demand-Dial interface to my LA and Denver servers but I am lost at this point. I have tried reading some material online about what to do but I will admit this is over my head. I guess a finger in the right direction would be great!

If I am headed in the wrong direction with this please let me know! All I would like to have in the end is an easy way to browse all of my local and remote servers from the same network.

Thank you!
-Kevin Neberman

Use Open VPN, free open source software to solve your problem.They also have great help community so you will be able to do everything alone.