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What is your opinion. Thank you...

About Linux or your website?
Linux is great, I do use as main OS.



I really appreciate your efforts for open source community. I visited your website and found it very usfull but please try to share some of your good experiences rather than adding few OS downloads


migrating to linux from windows is really good, to prevent your system from virus issues, but the only problem in linux is IT'S NOT USER FRIENDLY...
it's good for s/w people...


Linux is perfect for programmers, and system administrators, or people who are sick of viruses. I love linux, but some people need to run windows specific programs though...


It's difficult to change your OS and a change from XP to Windows is many times frustrating. You ca use initialy two operating systems. Anyway, if you choose an Linux OS I will recommend you Ubuntu or Fedora.


For me, I think that problems is the things of the past because now Linux has becomes more friendly towards newbie users...

As Linux Mandriva Spring 2009 is out... This OS is very user friendly because it not just have a good interface, but has Wine pre installed in it.

Hence, You can run almost every major Windows software in your Linux Mandriva Spring...

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