HI, windows xp keeps restarting over and over again. I can not get the code off the blue screen even if i press the space bar to slow it down :( It first happend when I was installing software for pci flashcard. It had been working all year but somehow I deleted the software so tryied to re install it. I remember the pc asking for the win xp cd while i was installing it which i didnt find and ignored, possibly metioned a service pack sp1a?. Everytime I started the pc a full blue screen came up and it started to check a drive also mentioned FAT32, but xp would never start....unless it gave me the option to press a key and it would start with out scanning the drive, I did that a few times and it wud work for 10 15 mins. while it was working I checked microsoft sites tryied to down load service pack sp1a (the larger version which includes networking) it let me down load the whole thing 27mins it started to unopen what it had downloaded but shutdown.

I did manage to uninstall the pci software and unplug the hardware but made it worse. Now it just restarts over and over. I also tried a restore to an earler point but it wud not do that either.
I have read posts on this and im wondering if i put the xp cd in and restart is there a machine repair option? what steps wud be best? Thanks in advance :) loren

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I pressed in and held the restart button.. when it restarted it gave me the choice of
1starting in safe mode
2 safe mode and networking
3last know good config

so chose last known good config...it has started up ! I also read on a .....post uncheck auto rebbot?

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