I want to just ask and see if anyone has any interesting / unique thoughts on this "event" I am having.

In one of my yahoo webmail accounts I (fairly frequently) am receiving an email that has

[No Subject] in the subject line

and has "undisclosed-recipients" in the "to" address line

as well as " " ('nothing') in the "from" line.

Any thoughts? I figure it's from some kind of private emailing source,
except there is ALSO no message contained within. And I did even highlight the body of the msg IN CASE the font they used was white. But I was just wondering if anyone knew of another way a message like that might be used for hacking or ... what ever, just confirm or deny if you think it's some kind of "private" sender.

it's a new "spam" I seem to be getting,
I'm trying to think of ANYone I know who might be trying to send me a private message. Other than that, security issue... ?


Some thoughts: "No subject", may have been sent that way. "Undisclosed recipients", this was sent to multiple addresses and sent as BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Actually I prefer people sending to me in that form since my email address does not get spread around and when a spammer gets the message he will have a bunch of valid addresses to spam to. Look at some of the mail you receive and you may see hundreds of email addresses plainly displayed. Anyone sending mail to me with my address showing with all the others is politely asked to send mine BCC. If not, don't send me any more mail. Amazing how my spam has dropped to zero with my new email address.
"No Message", this could be a test to see if your email address was valid, also a spammer trick.

commented: thank you for confirming this for me, it's odd, but not super dangerous +1