After removing Virii, i downloaded IE 6. Outlook Express did not update to version 6. I'm pretty sure i got rid of the problem virii but don't know for sure. After i got rid of all the Virii that my scanners could find i found System Restore was useless(as usual) so i used Scanreg /restore. That got my puter running again but now i have the aforementioned prob. i don't know if this is related or not but Microsoft Update keeps trying to install updates for Windows XP. I am running Windows ME. After it fails to install them i get an error message saying that the file NTDLL.DLL is missing.

I sent an e-mail to Microsoft explaining to them that Wndows UpDate was trying to install XP updates. I explained to them what my problem was being specific to emphasize i was running Windows ME and not Windows XP. Louise said that she would be happy to help me and sent me instructions on how to configure my Windows XP OS. After i realized the mistake i e-mailed Louise back and asked her if i should wait for a revision. Louise never did answer my e-mail. Then i happen to put my recovery floppie in and there was the answer to all my problems. ScanReg /Restore. I still believe Windows Update had been hacked.