I have problem with my Windows Media Player or computer, it want play some mp3 songs(something about codec missing)? How to Fix that? Thanx

there a few things you could do
1; check the file you are trying to play, right click on it and then left click on properties is it defently an mp3, as windows should play it
2; where is the file from is it a cd or is a download, possible that the file is corrupt or missing parts try to copy the file again (maybe from a different source/cd
3; if that all fails or doesnt seem to fix the problem go into windows media player and at the top click on tools, the click on options and make sure the download codecs automatically is ticked and then click apply then click ok, now click on the top of media player the help tab and you should have a option to "check for player updates" click on this and make sure you are connected to the internet. This should solve your problem, if none of this works try going to microsofts website and download media player 10 it should do the trick i'll give you link
i hope that this is helpfull :cheesy:

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