Ok at school there is this stupid block on getting to control pannel or changing desktop properties ( dunno why its really dumb) but i wanna change my backround beacuse i wanna be different ( although mines already different because im so special and had logged on earlier in the year and changed it befor the block :mrgreen: but is there a way to change it now? i havent tried right clicking an pic and and choosing set wallpaper as but i will but is there another way?

The school has obviously imposed such restrictions for good reason. Let's not sully the good reputation of Daniweb by helping you to circumvent those restrictions in defiance, eh?

well even my teacher said there might be away around and she doesnt care if we change it and i wouldnt be abusing it with inapropieate wallpapers like few have done and if i did id get i trouble with the district : )

If your teacher has okayed the change, then save the image you want as wallpaper to CD, and get your teacher to request that the School's network supervisor makes the change for you!

LOL...Cat's a stickler - I love it! The reason Catweazle is leading you down this path is the same reason I would; for what you're trying to do you would need to obtain rights over the system sufficient to change that picture. While the picture may not be inappropriate, hacking a system for admin to be able to set that picture would be and ultimately we don't want to see you get kicked outta school for something dumb like that...Cat's title is Grandad so you know he's lookin' out for you! Cheers!

ahh owell my backrounds already different from everyone elses beacuse i changed it befor the bloack

I figured a way around I just go to paint and draw or what ever and save and then click file set wallpaper as (strecthed) HAHAHA stupid distric administrator... i mean silly not stupid silly :evil: :mrgreen: :cool: :p :lol: