This is a large problem I've been having for nearly two years now, and despite my best efforts, I have not been able to find a solution. Okay, here goes:

First of all, I cannot access secure sites. I have, however, seen a rule that I had overlooked in Norton Internet Security: Block all secure sites. It would seem that the first problem would be dead by the removal of this rule. But, of course, Norton has a special way of hating its users, and as soon as I apply the new settings (without the block secure sites rule), I get slapped with an error reporting message that says "Symantec Integrator has...blah blah blah". This happens every time I try to remove that rule. I've even tried closing NIE and stopping its subordinate services. To my dismay, I STILL cannot access any secure sites. And, with the Windows support forum having a secure reply page, I can't ask for support there, and therefore I am here.

Next problem: my Internet connection is limited to certain programs that access the Internet DIRECTLY, such as AOL or IE. Things like MSN Messenger, Windows Update, etc. won't work. At all.

I would greatly appreciate any help I can receive on this matter as soon as possible.

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What is that error Symantec gives you? Blah blah blah tells us nothing.

It's just a normal Windows error reporting message for Symantec Integrator.

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