My name is Ted Jackson or Raleigh, NC. As a football official I am required to use a website called Up until about a week ago I could open the site just fine but now it just says "website found, waitng for reply." I have left it this way for over 30 minutes and the site will never open. I can open it on my laptop on the table next to my desktop but it won't open on the desktop. I really need to be able to open this site in order to print documents from the desktop.
All other sites open fine.
Appreciate any sugestions.

What browser you using?
Did you try to open the site under different internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari)?
You can clean cache of the browser and see if that works (Firefox == Tools=> Clear Recent History => click on the arrow next to Details to see option list, leave only cache ticked, select time period for which you want to do delete and press OK)

I can open in Firefox but not IE.
Can open in IE on laptop but not desktop

Well you can either delete IE Browsing History (Tools >> Delete Browsing History and here leave ticked Temporary Internet Files and Cookies) or use Firefox as you do not have problem to access it through this browser

Thanks so much Peter. Will try that and let community know if successful.

Download Dial-a-Fix and run it. Select the 'Check all' (green arrow) and then hit 'GO.'
Reboot when done and see how things are now.