I recently found out that the motherboard in my desktop is faulty, and I will be replacing it with a new motherboard soon, is there any way to keep a (stable) copy of windows without having to reinstall? I just built this computer, so I do not want to install windows again unless it is absolutely necessary.
anyways, the motherboard I have now is a Gigabyte, and I am switching it out with a DFI. Both motherboards use the Intel X58 chipset, I do not have hardware RAID set up I am assuming that I would just uninstall the Gigabyte drivers and do a driver sweep (or edit the registry keys) but someone told me it is not that simple, and could give me BSODS and errors regardless

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If you keep the hard-drive with vista installed, then it's fine.

If you keep the hard-drive with vista installed, then it's fine.

Even though the mother board/chipset drivers are completely different?
I don't think so.

It wont work. A repair may do the trick.

Also if its an OEM copy of windows, you will probably have to ring up and explain when it comes to activation (try and blag)

Hi I don't think it will work but you could try .If it works and you need to reactivate windows then just tell them you recoved your copy from a major virus attack.I have owned both a dvi and gigabyte board.There bios set up is quit differnent wicth leads me to supect that they are desinged quit diffently.
Sorry but i think you are going to have to reinstail.You should do a clean reinstal anyway as you could get old drivers from your old broad confecting with your new drives for your new broad ect.
Sorry could not be of more help

A repair possibly would work, but otherwise it would require a reinstall, i would do a reinstall just so nothing gets confused and crashes.

Good Luck,


as Cohen suggested, just do a re-install so you can still have some of your data..but some of your application programs might need to re-install....

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