send me the solution of compatibility of the software parashra;s light 6.1, with window 7, whereas the software works fine with window-XP, window vista 64bit, but not with window 7 64bit

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Illegal software, so its just as well you can't use it on Windows 7.


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You are offring the same software which is also a Illegal software,whereas it is free on torrent site and you are charging for the same,


Illegal software, so its just as well you can't use it on Windows 7.

Not really sure what you're on about AD, as from what I can tell from the OP's somewhat mangled request for help, he was not requesting any form of crack, but trying to get around compatibility issues.

@jaggs_astro - have you played around with the compatibility options for any of the application's core "exe" files? May need to any executables to run under "compatibility mode" for either Vista, or even XP (setting for "All Users"). If that doesn't work, it may well be that you'll need to contact the Parashra developers to find out if they have either an updated version on the way, or any fixes they can suggest.


the issue is that parashra;s light 6.1 is used for downloading cracks and or cracked programs ,illegal and usually not discussed here at daniweb

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