Im using a Radeon 9800pro with VGA, DVI and S-Video out. I have 2 projectors that i plan on using in a widescreen setup side by side for a digital video display im doing. My problem is this:
Both projectors are attached, one to the VGA-out, and one to the DVI-out on my video card. They both work fine, in either mirrored configuration or extended desktop, but I want to be able to play back both video files and possibly TV stations through my TV tuner, and I cannot find any information on how to do this.
Some help, PLEASE!

Are you wanting to span the video?

If so, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. Most video cards have a setting called "overlay", and it's only usable on one display at a time on most cards. There might be some cards that can do it, but they're likely to be expensive, professional-grade cards.

Thanks for the reply.
For anyone else who has the same question, I've done a little more research and discovered that a 'spanned' or 'stretched' desktop is not possible with the ATi line of cards, unless you are using them under Linux.
In Linux, the ATi drivers support a function called 'BigDesktop' which is just their marketing word for a stretched desktop. None of the driver's for ATi cards in Windows support this feature.
However, nVidia and Matrox cards do support this under Windows.
On nVidia cards, the function is called nView, and stretched you're 4:3 desktop to a 16:9 span across both heads of the video card, and is configurable in the nView tab of the advanced driver settings.
On Matrox cards, it is called DualView on older cards, and TripleView on the Matrox Parhelia 512 line of cards. Both options are configurable in the driver settings as well.
Thanks for the help though!

A corrcetion to your not above..

This is perfectly possible with the ATi range of cards. It is called SurroundView and you can have up to 4 monitors used at once. The chipsets this works with are basically any radeon card and either the x200 chipset or the IGP9100.

I currently use a 9700 (X850 XT PE in the post) in a shuttle XPC with the X200 X200 chipset as my home entertainment system and it works superb. Better than nView etc.

information on shuttle with surroundview can be found here:

Shuttle SurroundView

Information on the chipset from ATi can be found here:


Hope this is useful