Hello ...so im wanting to "dump" my laptop and start over... It got pretty messed up a while back when i installed a blue tooth device. Got it back online and working but still some things are not quite right! It was running win xp home edition and now somehow has parts of win xp professional??? So anyway i have a reinstallation cd for win xp home including serv. Pack 2 and that is the only disc i have. Someone please tell me if i can pull this off and/ or what is the best way to go about this???? Thanks so much

Sometimes a clean install is the best way to go but you must understand what is involved first. All the information you have installed, downloaded, copied, written and whatever else on your hard drive is going to be wiped. You need to back up all the information you want to keep and all the drivers etc that you need to keep. They need to be stored somewhere until you need to reinstall them (DVD, USB drive other hard drive etc.) The service pack 3 all the hot fixes and other updates produced after your OS Cd was manufactured will need to be downloaded and installed again. All your software (Office, yahoo messenger, any browser other than IE, will need to be reinstalled as well. Windows will need to be re registered and activated.

If you decide to do a clean install, look at slipstreaming your Windows XP Home operating disc with SP3, your product key, your PC drivers and any hot fixes and updates since SP3 was released.

Another option is to do a repair/install of Windows (a slipstreamed CD would still be a good idea) and leave all you data alone. you would only have to update Windows.
I will give you some sites to look at and decide as well as how to do whatever you decide.


Good luck.