hi guys, in windows 2008 how to check the particular user account is connected to what? thanks...

I don't understand the question but I suppose you could query active directory in a domain environment.

thanks sknake for your reply..sorry if my question is confusing...to elaborate further.. recently the server caught some virus..but run Norton and seems to be fine.. cross my fingers that everything will be okay...

so I just noticed that in Active Directory there was a user name in which I didn't add, so I deleted that particular user name.. then I went to command prompt then do a "net user " command... then I tried to compare those user names in the AD list.. but i noticed that at the command prompt there's one user name that is listed there but not in the AD list..

so I want to check which domain or computer that particular user is connected to? it's not listed on the AD list..but is listed on the net user list at command prompt.. anyway I tried your suggestion to query in the AD list..

Oh .. now that i'm not sure about. We have another guy here who handles all the domain & windows networking. I have seen an active directory log in the windows event viewer that contains verbose information about user logins. I think it gives the machine they authenticated on, IP, when they logged in, etc. Have you checked the logs?

I understand what you are asking -- and i'm sure there is a way. But off hand I dont know.

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