This has come into my inbox today from my ISP and I thought I would share it with you.

Hopefully it will prevent anyone having any problems.

Dear Customer,
Microsoft have contacted us to tell us about a weakness in their Messenger application, which they supply with Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

If you are using either of these systems your PC could be vulnerable to a computer virus attack and we thought we should make you aware of Microsoft's warning.

Don't worry though, it is easy to fix!

Microsoft have issued a free update to Windows 2000 and Windows XP and below are simple instructions on how to obtain this upgrade and install it on your PC.

We hope you find this email helpful and thank you for being an NTL Internet customer.

Kindest regards

ntl:home Internet Security

Quick Guide to Protecting your PC

Windows 98, Windows ME and Macintosh users are unaffected by this security risk, and do NOT need to download any additional security patches or updates.

Customers should take the following steps to ensure that they are not impacted by any future virus attack exploiting this weakness by taking the following steps:-

1. Update your machine with the appropriate software update (patch) for your operating system. The links for the various operating systems are listed below. Just click on the link for your operating system, and this will take you directly to the Microsoft Site.

If you are unsure of which Windows operating system you are using, simply:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. In the box, type winver, and then click OK.

The window that appears will show you which version of Windows your computer is using.

The software updates (patches) for the specific versions are as follows:-

Windows XP (Home or Pro):

Windows 2000:

2. Ensure that a Firewall is in place to prevent unauthorised access to your machine. If you do not have Firewall Software a free version is available from

3. Do not open email attachments from anyone you do not recognise or trust.

4. Regularly visit and check for new updates. It is strongly recommended that you update your computer with any security updates suggested here.

There have been a number of Security Alerts recently, Microsoft have launched a new site to ensure that customers using Microsoft products are kept up to date. Microsoft recommends that customers visit this site regularly to keep up to date. If you have any questions about this please use the "Contact us" link on the site below.

For easy reference, Microsoft, have given this a number which is MS03-043. Further information can be found at:-


just thought id make that 100% clear

its a old program that is still in windows that allows users in the same subnet or winns server to communitcate

You'd think that they would've been smart enough to know that none of us wanted this "feature" to begin with.


It's a remnant from when System Administrators used the feature to send messages around the network, eg: "Everyone log off cause i'm closing down the server" or "No-one leaves until someone tells me where my beer is" etc. Also at the time the features was introduced the web was a nice playground with few bullies.

and its still used to distribute messages via windows 2k3 server so its a good tool :P regardless of what you think :)

That could just be a simple Spam Mail... or a useless threat mail...

Just disable it in services if you don't use it.

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and its still used to distribute messages via windows 2k3 server so its a good tool :P regardless of what you think :)

I'd rather just use 'net send' in a cmd prompt. Much easier..

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