I've got an XP Professional computer here, with only one user account. What I'd really like to do would be to be able to access the computer remotely, as I'd be able to do with 2003 Server. By that, I mean see the computer screen, etc... as in Remote Desktop, but without acknowledgement on the host side. This would be used for example if I need to access a segment of code, a document, or my emails from the web. I don't really mind if it is a "virtual session" (i.e. having to login) or actually seeing what is actually on the screen at the time. Note that I don't want to have to install any software on the client computer (i.e. the one that I'm using to access this one) (apart from maybe a Java client or whatever) but I don't mind having to install something on this host computer.


I Think the best route to go down would be a VNC route but you said you dont want to install extra software onthe client pc.

So i would look at Netmeeting Remote desktop sharing. you can take control of the host's desktop as if you were sitting in front of it.