Hey guys, I looked everywhere for a solution but found none. Here is my problem and the solution I have tried.

I am using an HP laptop, AMD Turion 64, 2 Gig of Ram, and dial up connection.

When I first connected to the internet, I was able to browse my mail and use Yahoo messneger. It was fine.
After that I did the following:
1 - Windows update, including IE7.
2 - Installed Security Suit, Bitdeffender.
3 - Installed Mozzila fire fox.

After that:
The messenger stopped working. I cannot access any of my emails.
I tried using Yahoo/MSN/Google messengers and emails, but didn't work!!
I get try again later message when I try logging into my messenger, and I get "Page cannot be displayed" when I try to use my email. I can access www.hotmail.com but whenever I enter my username/password and click sign in, I get nothing. I cannot access mail.yahoo.com or gmail.com or gmail.google.com
Other websites or forums where I have to enter username/password works just fine.
My connection is fine because I can download and play online games on it.

Solutions I have tried:
1 - un install Firefox.
2 - un install IE7.
3 - Disable bitdeffender and Windows firewall.
4 - I did everything in Yahoo messenger help page. Where I have to change my connection preference.
5 - re install yahoo messenger.
6 - lower the security level in IE

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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There was a bug in the IE7 upgrade which prevented Yahoo from working right. I found the solution on the web then, but I can't find it now. It involved deleting a duplicate file

Here is another piece of the puzzle:

I cannot access https sites. I tried to make a purchase on the net, but I couldn't access the https, I got the same message as when I try to access my email accounts.

This is driving me crazy, any help please.

No one has any suggestions??

Thx Computerkev for the suggestion.

However, browsing isn't my biggest concern. I need to use Yahoo messenger to communicate with my family.

Downloading and using different browsers won't solve the messenger issue.

If you are gonna use bit defender disable windows firewall.in bit defender check the permissions and security and such make sure it isn't blocking what you need.

That's one thing I can't stress enough. If you have two firewalls, two virus checkers, or two spyware blockers running simultaneously, you can have all kinds of grief.

I disabled both security firewalls and messengers still cannot connect!!

Then check your settings in the browser. That's all that's left. Try:

- Internet connection. Make sure it matches what you have for a service.

- Security. Make sure it isn't thumb-sucking security that blocks almost all content.

- Check the driver for the connection.

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Its possible that your TCP stack or LSP stack may have been messed up. Do a Google search for WinsockFix and LSPFix, two free programs which can repair your Windows networking system.

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