my daughters windows vista will not start up, it says that problems have occured so she does the windows repair but this just comes up with a blank screen with the arrow, can you help ?

Did you create the recovery disk yourself?
If you did was their a recovery partition?
If there is a recovery partiton you should try that.

also can you enter safe mode?

- let us know how it goes.

no i did not create a recovery disk, when i try to start the laptop it only gets as far as start windows normaly and then goes to a blank screen for a while then says unable to start. i have tried the startup repair and the advanced repair but nothing working. can you help?

just before windows would load up press F8 to boot into safe mode Or have you alreadly tried this?

yes tried this and nothing happened.

What is the make and model number of the laptop?
How old is this laptop?

You say you tried the startup repair, is this from a recovery partition or a disk?

it is a HP laptop about ten months old

If it's 10 months old it is still under warranty. Contact HP and they should be able to send a set of recovery discs.

As for your attempts at repair have you tried a factory restore? This will format the disc and erase everything on it. Do you want any data saving?

no she does not want to save any files.

yes i have tried a factory restore

If that is the case if maybe worthwhile trying a factory restore. This should restore the laptop to the condition you bought it (software wise anyway).

tried this and this did not work

Then you'd be better off contacting HP and tell them you can't restore the system. I don't think I can be of any more help but someone else maybe able to help.

Just another question, were you trying the system restore from CD/DVD?

Do you enter a restore partiton then?

all i get is windows is unable to startup repair repeatedly everything i try

Okay. When you turn the laptop on do you press F11 or F10?

Right, I have a HP laptop and when I turn the laptop on an option for system restore is shown F10 or F11 I think. If you keep pressing the one displayed at start up the system restore partition should start up. From there you should be able to reinstall Vista.

Let us know if it's there.

i will try this when i get home as i am at work at present thanks

If it is under warranty, take back to where you bought it and let them repair it. It sound s like there may be a problem with the hardware.