hello i hope some one can help. 2.2 ghz, 248meg ream, 40 gig hdd. win 98se.
adaware, ace utilities, spybot, spyware doctop, win aso,ccleaner.
one of my probs is i cant access windows update page ( just comes up with a blank page) my about internet explorer comes up with no version number or cipher strength. i tried to dowload firefox but there isnt a download button on the page. there are also other pages i cant get links from.
any help would be appreciated. geof.

Can you give us any more info on the history of the problem?

- How long has it been happening?

- Had you installed/removed/updated any software at around that time?

- Have you had virus/spyware infections or any other problems with the computer lately?

You can try running the IEFix utility. I don't know if it will help with your particular problem, but it won't hurt.

thanks for the reply, i did the ie fix as suggested and it seems to have done it. many thanks, geof.

Glad we could help you get it fixed so quickly. :)

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