Well ok, I was having major problems with spyware and whatnot so I was forced to reinstall Windows XP... i wanted to reinstall my OS but at the same time, i meant to format my hard drive also. but i didnt format it so now i got 2 operating systems on 2 different hard drives.. and as a result of that, i cant activate windows because it says I ran out of the number of times I can u se my activation code....

C: Windows XP
D: Windows XP

So, what can I do? If you can give me any help whatsoever to
a) activate windows
b) format my hard drive
c) both

If you can add me to msn, my e-mail is <<email deleted by mod>>
thanks in advance...

Hi Sick Osiris and welcome to daniweb ! If anyone solves your problem on your msn list privately .. no other person with the same problem can find the solution immediately and it is solved here it gets archived ... thats why I deleted your mail addy :)

If you get that message you have to contact Microsoft support to get it reactivated.
This may require you send them proof of purchase.

Give them a call.

This will help you with the format and installation:

As for the activation, as jwenting said, you will need to contact Microsoft when you are ready to activate. I doubt if you will need to send proof of purchase, just explain the situation. Be prepared to type the activation code while you're on the phone -- they won't give you time to write it down.

Whether you need to send proof of purchase depends on where you are, who you're talking to and how often you've called before and from where.

If the same code sequence has been used to install machines in many different places they'll want to know why of course :)

I've run into this problem before. I've found that if you are trying to register the computer from the same location as you previously did (IP , Street Address, whatever) they have never had a problem.

I imagine if you were trying to register it from a different location - like a different city, different ISP, etc , they would probably want more proof of purchase.

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