Now this may be the wrong place to look but im unsure. I have looked for the answer in many places with no luck, and I've had luck with this community in the past to help my with my technical problems. So the deal is, Im running my pc on a 52" sony bravia,(unsure of the specs at the moment but could find if needed) now whenever I click movies to play in fullscreen, it will work for about 3-5 seconds and then freeze while the audio will continue. Im not sure if my drivers are outdated? But I just got it cleaned and updated from a local pc servicer, so that shouldnt be the problem. I've heard it could be the colour bits im running it at but I've tried going down to 16 and no fix, so Im keeping it at 32 which im sure my tv can handle. I've also updated my flashplayers and a few other media players but no luck. If anyone has had or heard of a similiar problem and has a fix it would be much apreciated. Thank you.

No one has had or heard of similiar problems?
I do not require a for sure fix but any advice or tips on what it COULD be would be just as apreciated. Thanks :)

right click on screen,graphics,set this screen as primary,also from your tv remote cycle through cinema 1,wide 16.9 etc trying each one,there may also be an option to change your screen resolution in display settings,think it is just a case of trial and error,try external settings on TV VIDEO 2 etc,good luck