Help a new user please

Obvernight my website refueses to load, every other website works but not mine

My daughters PC off the same router in the next room finds my website with no problem

My friends all tell me it is working but I cannot get it.

A ping fails to find it on my PC

I am stumped after 12 hours of trying

Thanx Grumblybum

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Pings to websites arn't always allowed, as i found when i pinged Microsoft.com yesterday. The site would still load from http://(ipaddress)

Just a thought, go to your website and press CTRL+F5. This should clear a cache of your site held on your PC, that might of been made when it was unavailable.

May not work, but worth a try.


Nice thought , but I already cleaned out every cache I could think of

I have checked for spyware and trojans, I have updated and run both my virus checkers, plus xofspy, spybot, adaware and hijack this all to no availe



Click on Start > Click Run > type cmd /k nslookup yourwebsitenamehere

That should report back your webservers ip.

Are you running any firewall or antivirus software?

Any browser accelerators?

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