My W7 32 bit installation was misbehaving very badly, so I decided to reinstall. I chose to use the 64 bit install instead. That went easily enough. However, my favourite screensaver stopped working (black mark). Then I installed XP Mode for 64 bit, and installed my 16 bit application (that worked with the 32 bit installation). When I came to run it I got the message 'An application has attempted to access the keyboard or mouse hardware as a 16 bit Windows program, which cannot be supported. This may cause the application to function incorrectly.' Whether I try Close or Ignore, the application won't start up. Mind you the other (normal) programs that is was having problems with before have started working again.
I think I might have to reinstall 32 bit if XP Mode won't work with 64 bit.
Anyone out there got any ideas what's going on?

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Try win Vista sp2 compatibility, right clic app. left clic properties go to compatibility tab select - run this program in compatibility mode for - then select win. Vista sp2 - apply-ok then run your app. Good luck. Later---


Sorry, that won't work! I am runing inside XP MODE, not Windows 7, so it knows NOTHING about Vista! And it won't run at all in the regular mode - even with that compatibility option selected.

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