Hi folks,

I've just switched over to Mozilla, and am very happy with it. But I can't quite get rid of IE, as when I use MSN Messenger and go to my mailbox, it opens my hotmail in Internet Explorer...

Does anyone know how to make it open in Mozilla? I can't see where you would do it. Mozilla is now my default browser... :(

Any ideas? Anyone else had the same problem?

Considering that MSN belongs to Microsoft, it might be hard. Microsoft software is extremely grabby.

You need administrative permission to do most of these things:

- First, turn off IE's function to make itself the default browser each time it starts. This is probably under "Preferences".

- If you use a shortcut, check to see which program it opens.

- You may have to edit the file type in My Computer.

- There may be a regfistrey setting specifically for this.

- If all else fails, you will have to let IE take complete control, then set IE to not make itself the default browser, then set Mozilla to take control from IE. That's what I had to do. And I have to do it again each time I upgrade either program.