Hi all. Me again,

I have a quick curiousity question about a configuration that happened during boot.

Last weekend, I had installed some windows updates through Automatic updates, but denied to install a patch for, I believe, DataSafe. I then proceeded to shut down the computer and left for several hours. When I returned and rebooted it, it took me to a screen that said something like that it was configuring something relating to my system, possibly dealing with updates, with a ticker of over a thousand files, and it showed in perentheses the file locations as it was ticking them off, mostly in the system folders and registry. Then it rebooted/continued to boot automatically and normally. Does anyone know what that was?

I had just purchased the system and it had been downloading and installing the backed-up updates. I myself had installed nothing except two games.

The screen was, I believe, the black screen with the four-color flag Windows logo. Not the grey "Welcome" screen where it usually configures updates.

It hasn't done it since and I've had no problems. I'm just curious as it was something out of the ordinary.

Thank you for your help.