Hi, I thought that I resolved my problem with this program, version
6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.061219-0316, however I have not.

I went to the CP and Add/Remove and then to "Set Programs Access Defaults" and the office tech has it set at Custom for all of the programs listed here and so I looked at IE and it was set to "use current web browser" and so I changed it to Internet Explorer and thought I solved the problem, only to find that this setting will not stick.

I also went to Tools in IE and Internet Options and the "Reset Web Settings" and the window opened saying that Google found a program trying to change the settings.
Before that there was an option to change my Home page which is Google and I did not want to do that b/c I don't know how to reset it.
So I don't think the "Reset Web Settings" actually was enabled.

I did a "Search" for "Comct.32dll" and found that it is on my computer.

I am really confused as to what is going on here and would appreciate some comments.
I searched the Browser threads here and the closest that I could come across was a thread started by "taffylad" 2 weeks ago, however there was no mention of the error code.

I should say that while I am reading the technical error code information when I click on the hyperlink and the Error that " IE has encountered a problem and must close" that the site I am trying to get to actually opens but it is in the background behind the Error Information, and when I click on don't send then the whole thing shuts down.

I really need to get to some Links for my work. It is the long weekend here and I was planning on doing some catch up on the computer so that next week being a short week that I would not get bogged down and of course there are no tech people working being that it is Easter.

I again mention that the techie at work did a security check on the computer and said it was clean but had no time to explore the problem before the long weekend.
Thankyou for your time.

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The Error I posted should Read Comct132.dll and NOt Comct32.dll


The Error I posted should Read Comct132.dll and NOt Comct32.dll

The problem has been fixed. The neighbour who is a computer tech came over today on the long easter weekend.

Last night I did all of my security updates per usual and scans including a new a2 malware program scan, a disk clean up and disk defrag and reboot and still had the problem.

The neighbour did a Search and the Comct132.dll is on my computer and he said he had seen this problem before. He went into CP>IE Options >Advanced and took the check mark out of enable third party browsers and Reboot and I am now able to open all Links.

I don't know why this solved the problem as I didn't want to take up his time as he came over as they were leaving and his solution worked. I would appreciate it if any has any ideas why this worked if they would reply.
And I post this in the event that anyone else has this horrible problem and hope that this is of help.
Kind Regards.

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