I've been having issues with a virus on my computer. It is a pop-up that says my computer is infected with horrible viruses that are stealing information from my computer and that I need to download their anti-virus software to fix it. This virus also redirects my computer almost everytime I click on a link and pops up even when I'm not on the internet. I'm almost positive this virus was sent to me through facebook because the same virus keeps getting sent through me to other people on facebook without my knowledge. I ran Malwarebytes' and removed all of the malware, but I'm still getting the redirecting and, though not as frequent, the pop-ups as well. I don't know what else to do. I don't have an anti-virus software on my computer, all I have is Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. What should I do to get rid of this virus and what would be the best anti-virus software to get, so this doesn't happen again? Thank you!

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Lol. Thanks! I should have looked closer at all the tags, but its okay now I took my computer in and had it fixed, so its all better. But thank you, I'll remember that if I need to ask anymore questions about viruses.

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