a particular site is opening very SLOW in InternetExplorer and absolutely ok in Netscape... cannot figure out why? the site is www.mojochicago.com
the site seems to be in php

I checked out the site in Internet Explorer in addition to in Mozilla Firebird. Just as you said, it loaded fine in Firebird but IE didn't like it very much. The HTML code doesn't look malicious at all, so I don't know why it wouldn't work.

The only thing I could think of is that server-side there is code to display different things depending on the useragent. (i.e. what browser/os is being used to load the page). This is plausable and I've seen it done before. I just don't see why it would be done in this case.

In addition, what gave you the idea this site was in php? I don't see any files ending with a *.php extension?

Yea what she said ^
(p.s. it loaded slow for me in IE too)

The site is including JavaScript files when loaded, and they're probably using JS commands that cause an error in IE. HTML seems fine, and even if it wasn't, it would stop the loading after a few seconds no matter how bad it was. It's definitely bad JS, or an outside resource that doesn't like IE. I doubt that they're twisted enough to purposely make IE users suffer.

I'm pretty sure it's in PHP because I did see some pages with a PHP extension. I also saw pages using the PHP session IDs to track user sessions.

Took about a nano second to load. Using IE.

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