For those of you who have had the privledge of dealing with these people, how would you describe their knowledge/ability to do the job? I know by the term, they are not really qualified for the job, but get it anyway because they have the cert.

The reason I ask is because I am currently working on an MCSA and eventaully MCSE. I've heard about these type of people and have made it a goal not to turn out like them. I put the focus on learning the stuff I am studying.

I've heard they don't even know some of the basics. As I once read, "some of them can't even install a driver" Are they really that bad, or is that just exaggeration?


Wholeheartedly, YES. Paper MCSE's are that bad.

Many people can pass tests quite easily, or remember stuff that is going to be on the test. But, put them in front of a system that needs configuration, and they're lost.

I work and have gone to school with many of these people, and they're the ones that are making certifications worth less and less. If at all possible, try to learn practical application of what you're taught. Even if you don't get the certification, make DARN sure that you're ready to work in the real world.