After shutting my computer off while it was booting, it now won't boot at all. I'm running a window xp professional P4. When I turn it on, it starts to boot but goes into choices of booting. I've tried all of the different choices; safe, command prompt, safe with networking, etc.....none of these work. What happens, it acts like it's going to boot but then goes right back into the screen of the booting choices (as described above). If I don't make a choice, it states that it will automatically reboot in 28 seconds. If I let it, it blanks out and returns to the same screen as above (safe, command prompt, safe with networking, etc). I don't have a recovery cd and have tried everything except to reformat. I would like to try and get it up without reformating. I've bought a "PCbeginner" repair cd to try and get it up....No go....If anyone can help I would really appreciate it very very very much....did I say I would appreciate it....Thanks

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Dog, this is crazy, thats exactly what is happening to mine and I too even purchased the recovery disk with no results. I have another post here, where I tried the 2 ideas, but nothing, if anyone knows whats up with thise, Dog and I would greatly appreciate the help! ( Rigth Dog? :cheesy: )



Ditto on your last....hope someone is out there that can help us....I'm at my wits end and beyond my boundries in what to do now.....thanks for the

i'm having the same problem as you guyz, after the PC was switched off and turned on again the next day it just keeps going to the screen where i get to choose in which mode windows should load in, and which ever mode i try to get into... it starts loading, a quick blue screen error msg comes up which too quik to see and then it restarts and comes back to the same screen with the options... i've never seen somethin like this happen before ... weird :(

Hello guys.
I know how u feel.
Try and get an XP Cd boot from the cd and choose the option to repair windows.
And if that doesnt work u will have to format the hardrive

DOg, I am including here the post i made in my posting for help on this matter, I got the system up and running, hope this can help you:

As suggested, i took the HDD from the broken PC and installed it into my computer as the slave, assuming I would be able to take the needed files off of the HDD before I reinstalled Windows. When I started my system up, my Windows XP fixed the issues the other "slave" HDD had and then my system booted up after making the scans. I then shut down my system and changed the slave HDD back to master and reinstalled it back into the other machine. To make sure things were ok, i booted up in safe mode, it went thru the normal lines, it then stopped as it had been doing, then after about 5 seconds, it booted up normally into safe mode. I then checked out things in my msconfig, made sure nothing from Norton was going to reload and restarted the machine normally.

Booooooom! Up it went flawlessly and I am able to make backups, just in case i ever need to reinstall Windows on this machine( learned my lesson :) )

Let me know, good luck,


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