or will only load very rarely. i'm fairly certain there is some sort of dns settings affecting virus embeded in flash player. i've tried uninstalling flash completely, and running an antivirus to find the sucker, but upon deletion the situation has not improved. this same problem is also keeping me from loading what.cd

i suspect that it was hidden in some copy of cs4 off demonoid

the error message is kinda the standard broken link format:

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to www.facebook.com
Try reloading the page
Additional suggestions:
Access a cached copy of www. facebook. com
Search on Google:

the thing is it does still load occasionally and i can get 4 or 5 page clicks deep but then i run into the message and being shut out again.

If you think you have a virus or other nasty, Go to Hardware& Software at top of page mouse over- select Micro Soft Windows- scroll down to Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties-select this Forum. Read the 4 permanent post at top list do what they instruct then post new thread in that Forum.Someone will be along to assist soon.Later---