I am a regular user of Microsoft Office Word and have a large number of word files. Yesterday i noticed that all my word files have the extention *.doc^ in place of usual *.doc. The files still open normally but they have lost their icon and have this weird extention. Please help.

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Is something wrong?

Is something wrong?

yeah somethings wrong with you doc extentions.lol

What exactly is wrong.

I have Norton Internet Security 2004, Spybot Search and Destroy and Lavasoft Ad-Aware. None of them show anything wrong.Please Help!!!

sorry ,wish i could ,i have no idea ,maybe a system restore back to before the change .

This maybe something for you to try don't know if its what your after for definate

There are various ways of amending file associations try the following

This is for Windows 2000 Professional

Goto Control Panel-Folder Options-File Types-

Find the filetype .doc once selected you can change the application it opens with and if you go into advanced you can change the icon

Depending how badly the file details have been changed you may need to add actions associated with the file the ones that should be there are


I won't go into this unless you need it as it could be lengthy

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