Hi there

I have a compaq presario cq60 and from yesterday while it was being used it just went blank i left it over night and turned it on this morning, laptop starts up i can hear it but the screen is blank i have even tried taking the battery out and pressing the power button for 60secs but nothing seem to work. could you help me PLEASE!!!

Hopefully someone smarter than I am comes along to help you out. I had a Compaq laptop before my current HP. It only lived a few months before my separated for a zillion years husband killed it with a can of beer. Before that, I do remember some quirk that looked pretty bad.

Wont hurt anything and worth a try. Turn the computer off. Remove the battery and power cord. Leave it alone for a few minutes. Put the battery back in and power cord. My laptop fired up after doing that.

i got ur problem, in your laptop every things is on but just display is making problem...
I too was facing same problem in my HP pavilian,, and i had to repaired it.. there's an IC used for display which was damaged,