Hi. I use some seriously antiquated hardware to run my picture and video servers for my site Huntsville Car Scene.com.

Each server runs Win95 osr2 with MS Personal Web Server 1.0a. One is a Pentium Pro 180 with 32MB ram. The other is a 486dx33 with 24MB ram. They work great most of the time. :mrgreen:

But for some reason, PWS will sometimes stop working. If you watch the system montior graphs, the CPU usage will be at 100% and the server will stop responding to http requests. However, it will still respond to local network requests and ftp requests. It seems to do this more during times of heavy loads (such as yesterday when they were serving about 23 users a minute (just a guess from the host server log since I don't have the logs on these servers). During heavy loads, the servers may not even stay running for 30 minutes without needing to be rebooted. :cry:

I've been reading and researching solutions to my deliemma. I've read about memory leaks, and issues with win95/98 winsocks having memory leaks. At this point, I'm trying to determine if I need to change just PWS or the platform that it is running on (I'm considering NT since it will run decently well on the same hardware, but this is a last resort as it will be a pain since I have even less time than money).

Here's some links that I've gathered:

If anyone has an experience or feedback, please feel free to post. It's an interesting problem from a computer standpoint, but a pain in the butt from a business standpoint. :lol: Any help is appreciated.

Sigh.....your hardware is extremely antiquated. The reason why your system hangs is that your CPU is being used up completely(100% as you said), and no CPU time is available to service the http requests. I'd suggest STRONGLY that you get a new computer stat.

Another problem could be your internet connection. See if that isn't running at a low speed. But I suspect your hardware. It may be at it's last leg....

I think you mis-understood the cpu 100% issue. The cpu usage is under 20% most of the time, but when PWS stops working, the usage will be 100%. That's the way I know to check it.

The Internet connections are two 3mb/384k cable modems. They'll put out almost 100kbyte/sec together. I know they're fine.

Since the time of this post, I have tried Webweaver (www.brswebweaver.com) and it worked for an even shorter time before needing rebooting. There may be an issue with Lantastic being used for the network connection. I'll be trying the built-in Win networking soon and see if that doesn't work better.