Begrateful if anyone has any suggestions on the problem below. I’ve tried some suggestions on previous threads but with no success.

We have just installed a new wireless router (HUAWEI Echolife HG520B). The router appears to work fine with the XP desktop which is connected directly (not via WiFi) to the router. However when we try to connect using our Vista Laptop the internet connection is unavailable.

The Windows Network and Sharing centre seems to indicate that the connection to the router is fine but that the conection from the router to the internet is faulty. If I try running the wire direct to the laptop I don’t get a connection and can’t even connect to the Router maintenance page (

The ISP advised that I should try different channels on the router but this fails to make any difference. I believe the issue is with something on the laptop, esp given that the kids are playing PS3 upstairs and using this Wi Fi router to connect to the internet.

Any help appreciated.

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have you tried checking the default security codes on vista? If it's set to WEP 2 or higher, it could be conflicting b/c XP won't hook up to a router using super secure settings. try reducing the security on the vista computer to WAP and see if that makes a difference.

It wont be the secrity because you have already conencted to the router so i think your wireless network is fine.

This wont be the first time i have heard problems like this with vista or the last. I know this might sound strange but please try and use a different user account on that computer preferably create a new administartor account and try with that account also make sure you are using dhcp and have not specified a dns or wins server manually.

You can check the dns settings by opening command prompt and typing ipconfig /all compare it with the xp pc

If this works i would format your computer, back it up first with free backup software try

Thanks for the responses, and apologies for not replying earlier I've been rather tied up with otehr things.

The security setings on the Vista laptop is WAP2. I've checked and tried various changes, the one tha works is to switch off the secrity completely on both the wifi router and the laptop. Can then access the internet fine. Suggests it is some kind of security issue but I've tried setting various values, including checking the old router settings (as the old router was OK (but I can;t really just switch back to the old router because the new router is part of the TV service we hooked into!)

I've just got back to this and will look at some of the suggestions and, hopefully, report back some solutins.

Grab hold of your new tv service rep and request that they restore your wireless connection that their new router will not allow. the new router may be set up wrong or defective. Later---

friends laptop suffered same problem. was working fine then he got hit with some virus..using avg or agv (can't remember exact name) he thought he wiped out the virus..but afterwards could connect to wireless router but not internet. he tried three separate working wireless routers, including mine, but still could not get out pass wireless router

Vista is really bad for connectivity issues popping up - especially wireless networks! I have had to totally reinstall an operating system once, as the only solution to getting connectivity back. Twice I have managed to get connectivity back by bringing laptops into my shop, and using my own router (simple WEP security)then running Windows Updates....which seems to make them able to access other connections again.Just one of the many reasons I have never been a Vista fan......

I don't know the solution, but my computer has an issue just like what blueydcelt has described above. The security thing with Vista. Our internet guy was able to change the security type, and then it works great!

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