Hey Everyone!
I haven't need to come here for ages (thanks mostly to you guys) but now i'm stumped. I recently installed an old old poker game on my laptop that took it upon itself to lower the volume levels of the machine by roughly 60%. This means i can barely hear the loudest setting and is most annoying. If i start the game and adjust the volume there it returns to normal but reverts as soon as the game quits.
I know there is a volume control on the machine and on for the sound card, both are full. I was wondering if there was a master volume control in the registry or something it was manipulating?
As always, any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!

Best to go to Control Panel, sounds and audio devices. Things to look at;

1. Audio Tab - Default device box, choose volume. This brings up the control pannel. Go to options - properties, and ensure every check box is checked. Make sure everything is maxed.
2. Back in sounds and audio devices check all the avenues available, this is dependant on the Sound card that you have, but try any balance controls that are there, these effect the volume as well, also check boxes, can effect output.