Dont you just hate a program that is supposed to protect you and repeatedly tries to access the internet even after you go in and specifically deny it access.

My other firewall alerted me...
No wonder they tell you to disable any other firewalls first...
They want their SPYWARE to be the only SPYWARE on your computer...

I just bought the virus and firewall package, and I hate it...
And because the package is open I cant return it...

Buyer Beware....

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throw it in the bin now.

If not you will be looking at the box and the problems and saying...."why did i buy that piece of cr$p...."

Then uninstall it....There is better stufff on the Net...for free..

McAfee do not even score well in Spyware tests!!

Are you sure that it wasnt trying to update itself?




It may have been trying to upgrade itself...

But I had configured it NOT to do that and it changed its own access to full open

I use spybot and ad-aware and hijack...

Oh, and McAfee A-V had the nerve to call Hijack a potential spyware/virus....


I did allow it to update itself and register itself then locked it down.

I want to control when a program logs on...

I am fed up with every program demanding internet access

Programs DO NOT need to update daily...
Much less every time I connect to the internet.


Goodness, I have my own security software set to check for updates on a 6 hourly basis. When updated scanning definitions become available I wan them immediately, not in a few days time when I remember that I hadn't updated them!


You miss my point entirely...

It is supposed to do what I want and not what it wants...

It is supposed to alert me when any new software tries to access the internet..

It did not... It allowed three McAfee programs to access the internet without alerting me.

It allowed me to set them to blocked status...

As soon as I connected to the internet it again allowed them to access the internet...

One more reason to use my Linux box more and more....


I bought a spyware program very similar called spyware begone, which did the same thing: put it's own spyware in your computer and then deleted it. What a scam!


No, you miss the point I believe. The purpose of firewall and antivirus/antispyware software is to protect you from malicious intruders. It allows itself to update so that the task may be adequately done, and because it is aware that the components of the software itself are 'trusted' applications.

You can't expect to put such software to work and then prohibit it from doing its job. I'm sorry, but I think your complaint is quite silly.


I hope we can agree to disagree.
I cannot have the blind faith that you do in ANY product.
(Much less any Religion or Political Party...)

Personal information and preferences of individuals is a big business...

I insist on knowing when ANY product is connecting to the internet and WHY...
When a product GIVE me the option to control when it connects and CHANGES my preference... I have a problem with it...

You are free to follow your path of blind faith..
I will follow my own path and look for a more responsible product...


Were it any other form of software I'd not hesitate to agree with you. But any security software which needs to scan your system for intruders also needs to regularly update itself to ensure that it is scanning with definition files which are completely up to date.

An antivirus or antispyware product which is not updating itself is next to useless.

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