I have a situation with a Server Running Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.

The Problem is that when the boot process gets to the GUI, it just keeps flashing on and off, the desktop never stays on the screen, it just keeps looping.

I have never seen this before, not certain if its a corrupted file in the bootup process or a Virus. The Workstations on the network all seem to be functioning fine, printing, accessing Network Drives, Internet.

has anybody seen this before?

please Help!


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Have you tried to lower the refresh rate of your monitor (I assume you're using a CRT instead of a TFT)?

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Have you tried to lower the refresh rate of your monitor (I assume you're using a CRT instead of a TFT)?


Hi, yes, we are using a CRT Monitor, no I have not tried that. It looked to me like a software issue, but I will try it. Would you please explain how I would do it,the desktop Gui is unstable and you can't work with it. Question?, should I try replacing the monitor.



I am not certain if it is hardware or software, based upon what you are saying.

What I would do is disconnect the monitor, and reboot the server. Remote Desktop into the server, and see if it is stable. If so, you can think about monitors and video cards, and see if that is the case.

If remote desktop won't connect, I would guess that the problem is Software.

You could also boot into safe mode, and see if the problem continues.



I replace the Monitor, rebooted the system. Dialog box came up asking about reason for reboot, which is normal, I commented Hardware install and Hit enter. The system then should the dialog box about restoring network connections, (again, Normal), than a dialog box Stating Applying System Settings, (Again Normal).

The screen stays right there, you can here the Server Working, the screen is not frozen the color bars move in the Dialog Box, but the screen stays right there, you never get to the desktop.

Again, as mentioned in the original posting, all computers in the computer lab that this server manages are functioning fine, have all networking abilities and Internet Access, all seems to be fine, I am totally stumped, do you have any I deas.



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